How to enable boxtrapper in cPanel?

Login to your cPanel and click on "BoxTrapper" Icon In the "Email" section. From the BoxTrapper Page you can see a list of your emails under the "Account" tab and the status of BoxTrapper (enabled/disabled) under "Status" tab. Click on the "Manage" Link. On the BoxTrapper Manage Page, if the current status is "Disabled", click on the "Enable" button.

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What Operating System do you use on the servers?

CentOS 5.x or CentOS 6.x (depending on the server)

How can I edit a mySQL database table in Cpanel?

phpMyAdmin in Cpanel allows you to edit mySQL tables through the use of SQL query language.

How can I upload a file?

You can upload the files using either FTP softwares (filezilla, …) or by File Manager in cpanel.

Do you support mySQL?

Yes.our servers support MySQL.